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Welcome Bedford Residents

This page has been created to give more information to Bedford residents on how your local government works, the distinctive nature of your local government, and how the position of trustee plays out in your government.   I hope to help you to understand and participate in your local government more effectively.  If we as residents sit back and let government control our lives without voicing our opinions and concerns, then we become apathetic and slowly lose the freedoms that our ancestors and military have fought to defend.

I will put educational articles on this page as well as answer questions about General Law Township operations and management.  My focus and goal is to help the public understand the parameters that we are all bound by, and to be advised on how changes can be made.  Hopefully we can all be better informed and take more interest in the community we all call home. 
Send your questions to me at .  Once I get the questions I will research them and post the answers here for anyone to read.  I will attempt to keep this page updated weekly, so come often to be informed.

I take seriously my responsibility to the people who pay my salary.  I believe you pay me for more than sitting in meetings and participating in making decisions.  Help me serve you.  Thank you, Nancy Tienvieri, Trustee.